About Slovakian Wines
The village LIMBACH lies at the foot of Small Carpathians mountain range a bit out of conventional tourist routes - with the exception of the Small Carpathian Wine Road, which joins the traditional winery villages and towns in the vicinity of Bratislava, the capital of Slovak Republic.

In the middle Ages the settlers of German and Austrian origin were invited by Hungarian rulers to re-inhabit the territory. The new settlers brought new skills e.g. milling, and especially wine growing and wine production. It brought fame and today is an integral part of Limbach.

We offer selected wines from Limbach under unified brand called Limba
The First Slovakian Wines in the US
Slovakia has a long wine making history, which up until now has been completely undiscovered in the US. As we always do it is our goal to bring interesting, unique and quality wines to help expanding the interest and knowledge about wine regions that

We have a selection 3 red wines from Blaufrankisch, St. Laurent and Dornfelder. As well as 3 whites from Gruner Veltliner, Irsai Oliver, and Sylvaner. Explore the portfolio and enjoy Slovakian Wines