About Naotari
Naotari was founded in 2012 by Koba Kvatchrelishvili and his two sons, Rezo and Alex Kvatchrelishvili. However, making Kakhetian style qvevri wine with prolonged skin contact has been a long-time tradition kept in their family wine cellar for generations.

Naotari produces artisanal, natural wines from Kisi, Rkatsiteli, Khikhvi and Saperavi grapes that are grown on family owned 3ha vineyards located at the north edge of village Chikaani, known its gravel soils. Naotari wines, currently with very limited production at around 3,000 bottles, are unfiltered while no additives or artificial yeast are used in winemaking.

The health of the vineyards and sustainable viticulture practices are of utmost importance for Naotari. We cherish our vineyards and recognize that a great wine should express its terroir and be made from healthy grapes that are grown following sustainable viticulture and winemaking practices.
Rkatsiteli - Kisi -Kikhvi Blend Has Arrived
This cuvée is blend of 40% of Rkatsiteli (rah-kah-see-tell-y) and two other indigenous but rarer Georgian grapes; 40% Kisi (key-see), and 20% Khikhvi (khee-kh-vee). This natural wine is fermented using natural airborne yeast in qvevri. After fermentation the qvevri is sealed air tight and the wine is left untouched for six months. This wine is unfiltered and sees no intervention or added sulfite. This vintage has pronounced dry fruit tones, apricot, banana and apple peel aromas. Fermented in qvevri with six months on the skin contact.
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