Kisi 2014
Georgia Kakheti
92 POINTS Wine & Spirits Magazine 2017
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About Wine
Kisi (pronounced Key-see) a rare varietal once almost extinct by the Soviets is on the rise again. Vinoterra made their first Kisi in 2006 when no one else was making a commercial Kisi. The 2006 Vinoterra Kisi has sparked a renaissance of the Kisi varietal, now their is sufficient planting of the varietal that tens of winery are now producing Kisi wines. Each year Gogi Dakishvili makes a limited amount of Kisi in the traditional qvevri style with 6 months of skin contact. Kisi tends to be more aromatic then Rkatisteli but with sound structure, aggressive tannin and balance acidity. It is a perfect varietal for the Kakhetian style ready for aging.
Wine Making & Technical Details
Grapes: 100% Kisi
Fermentation: Qvevri
Maceration: 6 months
Yeast: Wild/Airborne
Filtration: Unfiltered
Tasting Notes
From Wine & Spirits Magazine: "This wine has such clarity to its succulent fruit flavors that it's hard to believe at first that its traditionally vilified in earthenware qvevri. The proof is in the structure, the grape-skin tannin adding muscle as well as musky spice and texture. That structure gives the wine enough brawn that it could take on a pork chop with ease. An elegant qvevri wine
Food Pairing
• Grilled Pork
* Roast Chicken
Points of Distinction
• Top Rated Georgian Wine
• Tannic and Dry
• Natural Qvevri Wine
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