Rkatsiteli 2013
Georgia Kakheti
90 POINTS Wine & Spirits Magazine 2013
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About Wine
This white or "Amber" wine is made from 100% Rkatsiteli grapes. The wine is fermented and then aged in Qvevri for approximately 6 months, using skin contact for the entire period of the Qvevri aging. The darker color is determined by the longer skin contact, by the age of the vine trees, and by the terroir. The 2013 was Orgo's second vintage and approximately 4,000 bottles were produced. This is a rare and unique wine meant for food.
Wine Making & Technical Details
Grapes: 100% Rkatsiteli
Fermentation: Qvevri
Maceration: 6 months
Yeast: Wild/Airborne
Sulfites: Low
Filtration: Unfiltered
Tasting Notes
The first thing you notice is the amber hue of this qvevri made “white” wine that comes from six months of aging on the skins. The following notes are from Wine & Spirits editor" The Orgo Rkatsiteli 2013 carries its rich, lemony flavors on a peach-fuzz texture, soft, bristly tannins giving the gentle fruit extra torque. As the wine takes on air, it grows in flavor, sweet apple and peach tones adding roundness. The combination of gentility and force makes it terrifically versatile at table, able to handle light fish or cream-sauced pastas with equal ease."
Food Pairing
• Light Fish
• Grilled Pork
• Creamy Pastas
Points of Distinction
• Old Vines
• Dry Tannic
• Qvevri Wine
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