Jakeli: A one of a Kind Saperavi
Jakelis vineyards are in the ancient Khashmi district which history has proved as one of the best places for the endemic Saperavi grape varietal. Founded in 2001 the Jakeli brothers have been producing commercial wines since 2008. They produce approximately 1,000 cases of wine a year. They use oak casks and stainless steel containers for fermentation and aging. Wines are bottle 18-24 months after harvest.
Jakeli: Pioneers of Certified Organic Farming
Our vineyard is in about 2.5 km from our cellar. During harvest we use plastic buckets and plastic bins. As soon as 125 bins are full (one truck load is about 1500 kg) it goes straight to cellar and is processed immediately. We use Italian made stainless steel destemmer-crusher. De-stemmed and crushed grapes both for the first phase and Malo-Lactic fermentation are conducted in a clean and healthy way, indigenous east, no nutrients used. For the maceration we use 1 tone open conic oak barrels and 1,5 tone stainless steel vessels.

First fermentation is done out of cellar so fermentation time depends from the weather condition. In cold weather it lasts longer. Approximately 2-3 weeks is enough but we had longer maceration periods too, about 4-5 weeks. We do not use cultural yeasts but only natural from the vineyard what grape brings in.

After first fermentation wine goes to cellar by gravity, we do not use presses, for the malo-lactic fermentation, which lasts up to 3-4 weeks. We keep near 18 degree in the cellar at that time. Sulfites are used in the smallest amounts and only after the Malo-Lactic fermentation. No sulfites are used before and no sulfites are used while bottling.